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Car Inspection in Qatar: Is it credible?

By, 2021-12-13

Car inspection Qatar


Doha - By Dr. Abdul Rahim Al-Hoor


There is no doubt that cars are considered one of the most important commodity a person invests in with a large amount of money. Used cars are also considered a popular commodity in Doha as income and preferences varies between people.


Thus, a new industry has emerged, namely the car inspection service, which aims mainly at giving objective technical evaluation to the customer who is about to buy a used car. The objective of the report is to guide and support the decision of the buying and selling parties.


Lately, this industry has grown so much in Qatar, and some of the starts of this industry have learnt, through experience, how to create a report without taking any responsibility, and how to use wide expressions that can take several meanings, such as asking someone if the sky will rain and his answer will be: it is possible to rain or not rain.



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After my personal experience and several times with some main players in this industry, who have been playing dodgers like the weathermen, I found that after they take the price of the service they provide, they put the magic words that saves them from any blame. Some of the expressions they use is “Check engine and gear”, and with this expression they cover any technical issue that would possibly occur in the car. Yet, does this expression justify the amount of money paid for the service?


I would like to take into account the need to establish clear and specific regulations that guarantee the promotion of the service and preserve the rights of all parties.


The customer rights should be above everything, hence the service of car inspection in Qatar should be more transparent and practiced more professionally.


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