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2019 New Electric Cars: Will they Be Available in Qatar?

By, 2019-02-25


Due to the development of technology, automakers have made significant progress with their development of electric cars. Improvements in performance along with their range and available features that make them desirable choices are getting better with each new year.

Electric cars are very effective to get rid of pollution and reduce consuming gasoline by relying on the lithium batteries used to run it. As a result of that, Qatar has announced at the end of 2018 its readiness to open the first electric car manufacture in the Middle East.


Qmotorpr ovides you with the 10 best new electric cars for 2019:


  • Audi E-tron Sportback

The Audi E-tron Sportback made an initial appearance with its amazing features. It is about the same size as the brand’s Audi A7, along with the coupe styling feature, but there will be a few notable changes. The driving position will be raised and it will assume a more aggressive stance and detailing as seen in SUV styling. It also comes with three electric motors that will boost the horsepower to 486 and when you accelerate, you will move from 0 to 62 in about four and a half seconds.


  • Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 will offer a ton of premium options that you would expect to find in the Mercedes C class, the Audi Ar and the BMW luxuries. Tesla Model 3 comes in three different models. The first one is powered by a back-up booster with battery power of 50 kW, while the other one comes with 62 kW and the third one comes with the most powerful model with a 75 kW battery.


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  • Jaguar XJ

Jaguar is getting ready for the reveal of the new XJ for 2019, which will replace its XJ luxury car with an all electric platform and no offerings for diesel or gasoline alternatives. It’s the car that kicks off a new chapter in the story of the automaker. Jag will offer a five door hatch model which is a departure from the four door saloon.


  • The Dodge Ram 1500

A powerful pick-up electric car. It has two different models of truck: V6 and the V8, manage to be more economical and friendly for the environment.


  • Chevy Volt

It is a unique electric vehicle with a four-cylinder engine that can drive 659.83 km without refueling. It has an electric motor with batteries that can drive 80.47 kilometers without having to be recharged.


  • Volvo XC60 T8

This car has a very powerful mechanical capability that enables it to drive to 97 km / h in its starting point in just 5 seconds.


  • Porsche Mission E

The Mission E is the first all-electric vehicle bearing the Porsche branding. It is estimated that the all-electric car will produce a range of more than 310 miles on a full charge. The acceleration is rumored to be pegged at just 3.5 seconds from 0 to 60 mph. It’s incredible speed and evidence of how far they’ve come in EV technology with regards to performance.


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  • Car Hyundai Ioniq

This electric car comes with a 1.6-liter engine, with a power of 123 hp and 151 torque in addition to 156 kWh electric motor that generates 43 horsepower and 170 nm. This car can accelerate 1153 kilometers with one fuel tank without refueling.


  • Aston Martin RapidE

The new Aston Martin RapidE is their version of the all-electric variant of the RapidE luxury Sedan. The new RapidE all electric for 2019 will have a 200 mile range with over 800 horsepower


  • Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

A luxury electric sports car with amazing mechanical capabilities can overcome terrain and rugged obstacles with great power and stability. It has two electric motors in the outlander and a two-liter fuel engine; to give the car a high-performance drive.


  • Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ

The new Generation EQ is the first electric one for Mercedes-Benzmto be totally built by the manufacturer from the ground up in an all-electric format. This car is the Mercedes response to the Jaguar I-Pace. It’s estimated to offer a range of 310 miles on a full charge. It’s one of the less expensive and smaller Mercedes offerings in an all-electric SUV platform.


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