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Avoid Cleaning this Part of your Car

By, 2019-02-19


It is known that the car must be cleaned regularly as cleaning the car is very important in order to keep it attractive and to avoid dust and rust. Yet, there is a part that you should avoid cleaning it unless it will be damaged, which is the "Windshield wiper".


Windshield wiper is a very important part of the car, as you cannot drive without the wiper. The effective role of windshield wiper is cleaning the car's windshield to make the vision better, especially in desert, storms and rain that significantly block visibility.


Windshield wiper is considered as one of the oldest technologies in the car and it is about the same age of the car. Rain plus driving in an unstable environment let the use of windshield wiper is very necessary to remove dust and sweepings to see the road in a better vision.


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Windshield wiper consists of two different layers of rubber. The windshield wiper is composed of solid rubber, while the upper area is made of soft rubber to facilitate rapid change of direction during the windshield cleaning process. The windshield wiper is also made of graphite layer.

The German Automobile Club (ADAC) has warned from over-cleaning of the rubber blade for the windshield wiper to maintain the graphite layer in the windshield wipers. Jochen Oster, an expert at the German Automobile Club explained: "The cleaning of the rubber blade causes the rubber blade removal, whether the cleaning process is dry or wet, whether by windshield cleaner or by using water only".


The graphite layer that covered the blade is responsible for the smooth movement of the windshield over cleaning the windshield in better way. If the graphite layer is removed, the splinters begin to contact the windshield and cause dirty effects, reducing visibility and damaging on the life span of windshield wiper.


"In normal operation, the dirt does not stick to the rubber blade, yet the windshield must remain clean of insect residues, which may cause corrosion in the windshield splinters, and in such cases you can use the windshield cleaner for removing the insect residues".


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When can you change the car windshield wiper?


You can replace the blade of the vehicle's windshield with black rubber material once a year, with checking the windshield wiper every six months.

The rubber blade of the windshield wiper is affected by various climatic factors such as rain, frost, sunlight, heat, dirt and sediments that may reduce its efficiency in cleaning.


How to change the windshield wiper of your car?


 - Raise the blade as if you were washing the windshield then remove the old blade and do not forget to concentrate on installing the old blade with the windshield wiper.

-  You'll see a marker on the bottom of the windshield wiper, push this marker to remove the old blade.

-  Install the new blade, and be careful not to bend the windshield wiper or scratch the windshield.

- Put everything back in its place and make sure the windshield wipers are safe and well secured.



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