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Best Cars to Rent in Qatar & their Prices

By, 2019-02-18


Many people want to buy their own car to get rid of public transportations. However, because of their reluctance to purchase the type of car they want to buy, some of them prefer to rent a car at any time they need easily without any problems.

Renting a car in Qatar is one of the best options for tourists to ease their movement to any place they like to visit. By using car rental service, you can move in fast and flexible way comparing to other types of transportation like taxis and buses.

Qmotor is the first online car rental website in Qatar, where you can rent any car you need online from anywhere efficiently and easily. Here in this article, Qmotor offers you the best types and prices of cars you can rent in Qatar.


Advantages of Renting a Car in Qatar:

 - Renting a car provides you fast movement from one place to another, and you will not need to move by public transportations.

-  You can choose the car you want and rent it easily and efficiently from anywhere and at the time that suits you.

- Tourists can manage to explore Qatar by using car rental service.

- Car rental service in Qatar is available in high quality with reasonable cost that is suitable for everyone.

- Renting a car gives you a full control over your daily times and trips. By renting a car, no need to wait in the street for the bus to come.

- The car rental service provides all customers a comfortable luxury ride, which is the best choice of tourists who visit Qatar.


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Have you decided to rent a car in Qatar? Look for the best types and prices of cars that you can rent:

  1. Compact Cars:

The demand for renting the compact cars has increased in Qatar since 2018. The cost of compact cars is between QR 800 to 2,000 monthly depending on the car condition. The best types of compact cars are: Chevrolet Spark, Kia Rio, Nissan Sunny and Suzuki SX4.


  1. Med-Size Cars:

The finest types of med-size cars available in Qatar rental car: Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sentra, Hyundai Elantra. The price range of med-size cars is between QR 400 to QR 600 weekly.


  1. SUV's:

The SUV have more than 5 seats in the car, which is very comfortable for the passengers, especially for the big family. The KIA Sportage is one of the best SUVs with QR 550 renting price per week.



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  1. Large Cars:

One of the best car rental types of cars in Qatar is Toyota Camry and Volkswagen Passat, and their average prices are between QR 600 to QR 750 weekly.


  1. Sports/Premium Cars:

Renting this type of car is very expensive, its average prices are between QR 800 to QR 10,800 per week. The most popular types of premium cars are Hyundai Veloster, Mercedes-Benz C 43 Convertible and Land Rover Range Rover Vogue.


  1. Commercial Cars:

Car rental prices of commercial cars start at QR 1,200 weekly. Nissan Urvan is one of the best types of commercial cars.


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So if you want to rent the best type of cars in Qatar at best prices, you can visit the first car rental website in Qatar "Qmotor", where you can rent cars easily and efficiently within 3 steps: search, compare, and rent.



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