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First Time in Qatar: Qmotor launches Online Car Rental Service

By, 2019-02-10


Do you want to rent a car in Qatar very fast and at the best prices?


Renting a car in Qataris the best option for citizens and tourists as Qatar is a tourist destination frequented by tourists from around the world because of its archaeological and recreational sites. The number of tourists is expected to increase in the coming years due to Qatar's organizing of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


Many travelers and tourists choose car rental service during their holidays to ease their movement by using the car compared to other means of transportation. They mostly tend for renting a car to facilitate their movement form one place to another.


Renting a car online is the best choice as it eases your way to rent a car from anywhere and at any time without going to any rental car offices. You can even rent your car online easily before arriving to Qatar; so that you can receive your car from the airport.


If you want to rent a car online in Qatar efficiently, you can rent your car online now in Qatar for the first time through Qmotor website.


Why Qmotor is the best online car rental in Qatar?


Qmotoris the first website that offers online car rental service. Qmotor for renting cars online is Qatar makes it easy for you to rent your car online rather than going to booking offices. The rental service consists of only 3 steps: search, compare, and then book the car.


Moreover, Qmotor offers you a wide variety of vehicles so you can choose any vehicle that suits you in addition to the receipt and delivery time. You can browse and search within a wide variety of vehicles: small, medium and large cars, transport cars, four-wheel drive and sports.


Qmotoris your best and most reliable place to rent your car online in Qatar at the best prices within a wide choice of car types.


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How can I rent a car online in Qatar through Qmotor?


Follow these simple steps to rent your car online through Qmotor website:


1. Choosing time and place:


You can follow this link to access the car rental service in Qatar, and then select the city and location with the receipt and delivery date so that you can search for available cars.





2. Choosing car category:


You can choose your car category of the car you want to rent according to your needs. These categories include small, medium and large cars, transport cars, four-wheel drive and sports.




3. Browsing search results page:


After selecting the location, receipt and delivery date, and category car you want, you will see a search results page that includes all the available cars.




4. Booking the car:


You can read and compare the available cars in terms of characteristics and prices, and then you can press the "Book now" button for the car that suits you.



5. Fill driver data:


The site will ask you to sign in if you have an account on Qmotor or to create a new account.



Now you have reached the last step in rental car online service in Qatar through Qmotor. Kindly you can contact Qmotor team if you need any help or inquiry in rental car online service in Qatar. Just call this number: 0097444434034




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