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Important tips to prolong the lifespan of your car breaks

By, 2019-01-10


Brake is the most important part of the car's safety system. It is the first and main part that the driver uses if any possibility of accidents happen. Any problem in this part of the vehicle may cause a risk for both driver and passengers. This system has a lifespan that can be affected by many factors which may decrease this lifespan. Moreover, if any part of the brake system had a problem that the driver didn’t care about, this increases the risk of having accidents. The brakes are also affected by many other bad behaviors of the driver that lead to its damage.


Important tips from experts to prolong the life of the car brakes:


1- Driving at high speeds on junctures

Driving at high speed on junctures is one of the biggest causes of destroying brake system in the car. So you have to choose the straight roads when driving and giving attention to junctures when driving. Don’t drive at high speed in order to maintain your safety while driving. Adopt slow and medium speeds while driving, and press the brakes in a soft way so as not to slip or overturn the car especially at high speeds.


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2- Install the wheels of the car

Properly fitting and installing the wheels is one of the most important factors that helps maintain the brake function and its ability to control the car while driving. Proper wheel fitting helps in having a smooth driving without having to put load and press the brakes firmly, which can prolong the brake life.


3- Brake oil

Maintaining the level of brake oil in the car is an important factor that save the brake system in the car.  If you find that the oil level is decreased, this is a sign of having a problem in brake system. In this case, check the seals to make sure they work efficiently and thus maintain the brakes and prolong the life of the vehicle. After checking or replacing the brake pads, brake oil should be returned to the perfect level. Check brake oil regularly to ensure that there is no problem.


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4 - Don’t put water on the brake parts of the car

Car experts consider this action a wrong and harm thing for the car, because putting water on the brakes while it still hot leads to warp in the car discs. The brakes should not be pressed too hard as this will cause further breakdowns in the car such as tire corrosion.


In conclusion, experts advise drivers not to drive the vehicle when it has any problem in the brake system. If you felt that the brake system is having a problem, you should go quickly to check the causes.


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