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With METRASH2 .. Say goodby to waiting in queues

By, 2021-11-07

metrash2 app


The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) has excelled in offering the best onlie services for most, if not all, of the governmental transactions in Qatar. With Metrash 2 app, nationals and residents can make more than 90% of the government transaction online. Metrash 2 app is available on Apple, Google Play and Windows stores.


What are Metrash 2 Services?

The Ministry of the Interior seeks to provide all these services, which reached more than 100 services,  for nationals and residents in Qatar to save their time, money and efforts using their smart phones.


The services provided with Metrash 2 are: Traffic, Residence Permit, Exit Permit, Entry Visa, eGate, Querie and General and users activate the app on two smart phones.


Further reading: Qatar: services provided by the Licensing and Registration Department


How to activate Metrash 2 service?

Metrash 2 Service requires a mobile number registered under the applicant's name or the one wants the service. You can activate Metrash 2 service via:


  • SMS:

At the beginning, you have to enter your personal QID number and then the personal QID expire date. Do not forget to make sure that the mobile number is registered in the applicant's name. After the registration, you will receive a SMS containing two-part activation key and then enter all these data and the password and press accept on the terms of services after reading them.


  • Self-service.

Metrash 2 services are available for individuals, companies and Metrash secondary subscriptions. 



What are the traffic services in Metrash 2?


The Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the General Directorate of Traffic is facilitating the use of traffic services provided to individuals in Qatar and keeping up with technological development and making electronic services available to nationals and residents.


Further reading: Traffic safety requirements by the Ministry of the Interior in Qatar


These are the traffic services provided by Metrash 2 service:

1. Traffic violations

2. Renew driving license

3. Issue replacement for damaged driving license

4. Travel exit permit

5. Transfer vehicle ownership

6. Transfer ownership of significant number plate

7. Traffic certificates

8. NOC to obtain driving license

9. Inquire about vehicle with chassis number

10. Significant plates auction

11. Display significant plates

12. Release vehicle mortgage


You will never have any problems if you use Matrash 2 with the provided traffic services while sitting in your place without having to go to government departments, inquire about your traffic violations and inquire about all traffic matters easily and reliably.


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