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How to Clean your Car Dashboard?

By, 2018-06-13


Cleaning your car is one of the most important ways to protect your car and keep it new though time and also to increase the life of your car. Because cleaning your car reflects your personality, you should always keep it clean. Imagine the amount of psychological comfort that you will feel when you drive your car clean from inside and outside.

There are many people who depend on car laundries to wash their car, but you can wash your car by yourself and keep money and time as well and make sure that all parts of your car are washed the way you want.

You may think that the process of washing the car from inside needs experience, time and effort, but it is not difficult; you can on your holiday have time to clean your car and give yourself some fun.

The car dashboard is one of the most important parts of the car that many laundries neglect to clean and a lot of people feel lazy to clean, also. We will give you the easiest and most effective ways to clean your car's dashboard:


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How to clean your car dashboard? What are the steps to clean it?

  • Buy Detergents for cars:

It is very important that you buy detergents for the interior parts of the car and not to use car wash powder and other cleaning materials because they contain chemicals that damage your car's interior parts. These non-auto cleaners work to make some cracks in the dashboard and make it loses its luster.

  • Put the car cleaning liquid inside the dashboard:

It is best to put a little detergent at the beginning and then wipe the plastic area immediately using the towel gently to remove the oil and dirt above the plastic and then wash the towel for later use.

  • Use soft brush:

Use a soft brush after applying more detergent to remove the inner dirt and make sure that some foam is formed to help to remove the dirt and make sure the process is gentle.


  • Rub the leather gently:

Be careful in this step so as not to remove the leather of the car or the dye on it and use a cleaning detergent for the leather, and try to rub the dirt with a towel at first. If the dirt is not removed, use some types of soft cleaning fibers.

If you have a steam device that you can use by rolling the nozzle with a towel and then rubbing some places in the dashboard, this also eliminates bacteria accumulate over time.


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  • Dry the dashboard:

After finishing the cleaning process and cleaning all the dirt, you should not forget the process of drying the dashboard so that the dirt does not accumulate again. This will not make it smells especially if you close the doors of the car and left it for a long time. It is best to dry the car with a dry towel.


  • Polish the dashboard :

Now, after cleaning and drying it, you can polish your car by using a special polisher to give it a shine.


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