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Failing your driving test? These signs are the reason

By, 2018-05-16

traffic signs, guide and warning signs


Are you thinking about driving a car, but there are a lot of people around you who tell you that it's not easy and you will fail many times before getting your driving license.

We all know that driving tests go through two basic stages: the theory test and the practical one. There are many restrictions in most countries on passing the driving test to get your driving license because giving the license to unqualified people will cause the loss of many lives of people on the roads.


But is it difficult as you are thinking?


Usually the reason for the failure of many in the driving tests is the theory test, especially the part in which a person is tested for traffic signs, so some traffic signs that do not exist very much on the roads are the reason for the failure of people because they do not know them and they have a difficulty of remembering them.


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What are traffic signs?


Traffic signs exist on the roads to give important information to the driver that will save his life and the lives of others and facilitate the process of driving.


What are the sections of traffic signs?


Traffic signs are divided into three sections: regulatory, warning, and guide signs.


1. Warning signs:


Warning signs are usually placed at a certain distance to alert the driver that there is a certain risk on the road so that the driver can take action.

As for the shape of the warning signs, the equilateral triangle is red and its base is downwards, and the warning is usually black.


2. Regulatory signs:


These traffic signs are on the road to prevent drivers from doing things, and are often designed to regulate traffic such as signs that determine the speed limits.


3. Guide signs:


The purpose of the guide signs is to provide drivers with information that facilitates their movement between the roads and the location of certain facilities, public services and other guidance information.


It is the time to know the most difficult traffic signs that cause many people to fail:


1. The most difficult regulatory signs:



This sign means that the driver must leave space cushion between the car and other cars and this sign carries the distance that drivers must abide to.


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2. Mark of priority:



Many make a mistake in understanding this sign that they think it means the way is going back and forth, but it means giving priority to cars coming from the other direction.


3. Warning signs:



This mark warns you of the next area where you will be driving, which is mountainous. There is a possibility of some rocks falling.



Be careful here because this sign means that the road that you will drive on is slippery due to gravel or rocks or some fluids, so you have to drive slowly and cautiously.



This sign warns you of strong side winds that require you not to drive at high speeds.



This sign means that there is a moving bridge on the road so be careful.


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4. Guide signs:



These are the most famous and difficult signs you should know. Each one has a different meaning you should know.


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