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Keyless Cars kill more than 28 people

By, 2018-05-16


The New York Times has reported on Sunday that at least 28 people have been killed and 45 others injured by carbon monoxide from keyless cars  since 2006, but those responsible for handling the problem have been reluctant to make any decisive decisions.

Where it is discovered a serious flaw in this type of cars, when the driver comes out of his car, he think that the engine has turned off after stopping the car. As the engine continues to operate, carbon monoxide (CO) will continue to be released into the car's garage, which could lead to gas leakage. This may lead to killing the owner of the car if the gas is inhaled for a long time. It also may lead to brain damage if inhaled a large amount of gas.


It may seem that running the car without using the key is a feature of the car, but has proven the opposite. The car continues to pump carbon monoxide, a gas that has no color and no smell, people continue to breathe it, leading to their death. In 2011, the Society of Automotive Engineers of America called for the development of a visual or audio warning system for car owners in order to remind them to turn off the engine after getting out of the car. But manufacturers of this type of cars did not agree.


But many other companies, such as Ford, have added an automatic shut-off system within 30 minutes of its operation and not to sense the presence of the key in the car. While Fiat Chrysler and Mazda added driver alert systems but did not shut down the engine automatically.


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