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How to improve your car air conditioner efficiency in 5 easy tips

By, 2018-03-13


As summer approaches and temperature rises, Air Conditioner becomes essential and indispensable. But have you ever felt that your AC is not working properly or the air is not that cool? Do you know what are the reasons behind this? Or Do you know how to fix this problem?


What causes poor air conditioner efficiency?

  • Lack or leak in freon gas.
  • Dust and dirt on the air conditioner filter.
  • High temperature .


How to make car AC cooler ?

Increasing the efficiency of your car's air conditioner during the hottest days needs care and maintenance from time to time by following the coming tips:  


  • Examine Freon gas in the car

The Freon gas test is one of the ways to improve the performance of the air conditioner since it  is the responsible for the efficiency of the performance of the air conditioner and any shortage of Freon gas leads to poor cooling of the air conditioner, especially in the case of high temperatures. It is worth mentioning that the frequent use of air conditioner affects the amount of Freon gas found in the car, which leads to decrease over time and affect negatively  the degree of cooling in the car, so you should check the amount of Freon gas from time to time and provide it when needed.


  • Clean your cabin air filters regularly

The air filter is responsible for purifying the air and  ensure its flow smoothly from the air conditioner. The accumulation of dust and dirt contributes in weaken the air conditioner performance. Therefore, you must maintain the cleanliness of the filter to ensure a  high quality performance of the air conditioner.


  • Use heat reflective glass

The use of reflective glass or car covers is an important step not recognized by cars owners. It reduces the heat gain on the glass and  minimizes the heat transmission to the car's interior. So the air conditioner will be able to cool the air more quickly and in less time.


  • Activate  air recirculate settings

The air recirculation feature is one of the best things that helps in the cooling process inside the car. This feature prevents the air from being pulled out of the car, thus circulating the air inside the car only. This helps to reduce the loads on the air conditioner, especially that the cabin air is cold and does not need  a great effort to be re-cooled  such as external air.


  • Clean the Radiator

Radiator is the responsible part  for cooling the engine of the car by the water that moves inside and circulates around the engine. Beside this, Radiator is attached to the "serpentine" of the cooling device and passes through the Freon gas which in turn helps in cooling the air. Therefore cleaning the car radiator  is necessary and helps in making the AC to work efficiently.

Follow these tips and enjoy summer trips.


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