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Are there drawbacks to Electrical Cars?

By, 2018-03-12


Is Electric Vehicle (EV) term a new one appeared in 21 century?


Some people think that electric Vehicles are very modern, but in fact they have appeared in the late nineteenth century and date back to cars that work in fuel. Since that time, the world is waiting for EV to reach every home. But what does an "Electric Vehicle" mean? Can you relay on them? What are the pros and cons?


Electric Vehicles: Electric Vehicles are propelled by electric motors producing electric energy stored in rechargeable batteries. The use of electric motors varies. There are some manufacturers use just electronic motors, but there are others use both: electronic motors and submarines used diesel; these cars are called Hybrid vehicles.


The advantages of Eelctric Vehicles


Are you thinking of the type of the car you will buy? These are some advantages of EV;


1. Saving money: Mostly, electricity is cheaper than fuel; you will not pay the same amount of money if you want to top off your car with fuel or gas. In addition, electric vehicles give more efficiency compared with other cars. The insurance and road tax are cheaper, also.


2. Low maintenance: Electric Vehicles internal components are less complicated than the others; consequently, you will not have to replace and fix a lot of pieces.


3. Fast & Quite: In case you drive an EV, you will find huge differences: quietness , speed and smoothness. The power goes directly to the tires giving it more speed.


4. Safe to drive: Airbags will open and the electricity supply will be cut off from the engine in case of accidents.


5. No Emissions: Electric Vehicles do not produce emissions produced while using cars working on fuel. So it does not cause al of harm to the environment.


There is no doubt that EV has, at the same time, some disadvantages; here is a list of what we could think of;


1. Limited range: You can not drive for long destination using EV; drivers do afraid if they want to go in a journey using their EV.


2. Long refueling time: It needs from 4 to 6 hours to top off it with electricity.


3. High cost: Generally, buying an EV costs you more than ordinary cars. But compare it with the low maintenance cost, safety and the luxury feeling.


4. No power stations: Roads and cities are not prepared well for EV; you can not find stations to fill your car with.


Surprisingly, electrical cars have not arrived to Doha as of yet. However, in counties such as UAE, and KSA the presence of electrical cars is getting wider and wider. No doubts that there are many fans for this car in Qatar and they are waiting for the first car charge station and the, of course, the first dealer to launch his electric car.


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