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Must watch video: Ford Fiesta 600 hp

By, 2017-08-22


Few months ago, we presented to you an extraordinary review from the Pennzoil oil company. Pennzoil recently produced a new video to review the performance of its oil on super cars.


Imagine the McLaren 675LT Spider, Lamborghini Huracan Performance, Corvette Z06 or Bentley, Bentayga, which all have a 600 hp engines, and now imagine the Ford Fiesta, the small and lightweighted car, but with an engine comparable in strength to the cars mentioned!


In this video, Pennzoil introduces us to the Ford Fiesta RX43, which has a 600-horsepower 4-cylinder engine developed by Ford Performance and driven by the world-class champion in drifting, Ken Honegan.


The video was filmed at 4,300 feet above sea level and at 40 degrees celsius, so the film crew and driver Ken Honigan deserve a special acknowledgment because they were able to tolerate in this weather condition.


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