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Video: Is there a difference between filling fuel quickly or slowly?

By, 2017-08-08


Every owner of a car seeks to save fuel in any way possible, and there are a lot of rumors among owners that by filling your fuel tank slowly, you will gain extra free letters of fuel. Now, is this true?


Automotive expert Hassan Kubati published a video tutorial that reviews many information related to fuel and the characteristics of fuel stations and pumps, and how to deal with the fuel element in your ca, and what is the right amount to be kept in the fuel tank. He also discussed one of the most important controversies among drivers which is: What gives more letters of fuel, filling fast or slow?


In order to arrive at an accurate and reliable result, Hassan Kutbi, in cooperation with an oil company, performed a 5 liter gas filling experiment from the same pump once at the highest speed and once at the lowest speed of the pump to see if there was any difference between the two methods.


Watch the video and know the result and share your opinion and experience Dear reader in the comments.


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