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No shortage in car spare parts market in Qatar

By, 2017-07-05

Car Spare Parts


“Al-Sharq” newspaper reported some good news this week which will deny all claims that Qatar is suffering from the lack of basic commodities, including auto spare parts.


The good news was that customers confirmed the availability of spare parts in the local market, and at the same prices as before the siege which is imposed on Qatar by the neighbouring countries since 5th June 2017.


On the other hand, and by asking a group of managers in the spare parts market, the response was that the spare parts are available in the market in the industrial area and outside in other areas in Doha. And there is no shortage in the market at all, and prices are stable, and the needs of customers are met by the agent.


One of the managers replied to “Al-Sharq” that the goods requested by customers are available, as the agent of the commercial operations of car spare parts provide the market needs, referring to the importing of spare parts from manufacturers directly and not from neighbouring countries.


All purchase orders from countries that have imposed a blockade on Qatar have been suspended


Another official told “Al-sharq” that all transactions with the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia were suspended since the siege which is imposed on Qatar.


It is worth mention that the value of the spare parts market for passenger cars in Qatar will reach $ 195 million by 2021. Earlier report showed that ACDelco and Bosch, are the two international companies that control the supply of commercial spare parts for passenger cars during the year 2015 in Qatar, the report adds that, given the acceptance of the two companies between consumers because of the quality of their products, it is expected that they will continue to dominate the market until the year 2021.

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