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Acts like a violin: Continental presents innovative car audio technology

By, 2017-07-03

Continental Audio


Inspired by the functional principle of string instruments, Continental, a provider of intelligent technologies for mobility, is reinventing the car audio system.


Continental is replacing conventional loudspeakers with actuators that create sound by vibrating certain surfaces in the vehicle.


The invention is: Actuators that create sound by vibrating certain surfaces in the vehicle


In comparison with conventional speaker technology, the speaker-less audio system brings a number of advantages: At considerably lower weight, with dramatically reduced box volume and lower electricity consumption, the new Continental solution delivers excellent acoustics.


“In the age of electric and hybrid vehicles, car manufacturers are looking for any innovation that will reduce the weight of the vehicles or generate more passenger space inside the vehicle”, said Johann Hiebl, head of the Continental business unit Infotainment and Connectivity.


“On the other hand, design and sound quality may not suffer from this goal. Our approach is to treat the car itself as an instrument", said Hiebl.


Continental said in the press release that a speaker-less solution can reduce the system volume by a factor of ten or higher, while bringing down the system weight to a fraction of a speaker solution.


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