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19 Radars Violations in One Hour from a Lady Driver

By, 2017-01-10


A woman driver of European nationality has committed 19 radars violations in less than one hour on Shaikh Zayed Road, in Dubai.


The European lady, who is around forty years old, was driving a Porsche Cayenne when she was flashed 19 times by different radars.


Colonel Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, the Director of General Department of Traffic of the Dubai Police, said that this is the first time a lady commits such a large number of violations in a very short span of time. He said that the same lady was also caught last month at 3:00am and the car speed was going over 220 kmph.


When officials in Dubai investigated the reasons behind her reckless driving, she told them that she was heading to the hospital for treatment and she was under stress.


Colonel Al Mazroui added that the fine for exceeding speed above 200kmph is Dh1,000 (QR 950) and the vehicle will be confiscated for two months per one violation, which means the lady’s car will be confiscated for nearly 3 years. The third part of the fine is that the driver will be issued 12 black points on the driving licence.


Colonel Al Mazroui also said that the woman has tried to contact the department of traffic in Dubai several times to exempt her from the fines, claiming that she was stressed and in a bad mental condition. However, the department of traffic refused her requests because her reason is unacceptable.


The violation was committed while the Dubai Police has launched a campaign against speeding, and luckily, Shaikh Zayed Road was almost empty during the hour of violation, as this act and this speed could have ended in a tragedy.


Colonel Al Mazroui urged all drivers to comply with the speed limits even if the road is empty. However, people continue to commit those violations despite knowing that there are fixed mobile radars on the roads.


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