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Comparison of car prices in the Gulf... Who wins the title of best prices?

By, 2023-01-21

QMotor - We often hear that someone bought a used car from a Gulf country and shipped it to his country. Is it worth the suffering of shipping, travel and customs?


Certainly, there is a great benefit from buying a car from another Gulf country. Regardless that the car may not be available at the time of purchase in the country of residence, the price difference may be sufficient to travel to a neighboring Gulf country and purchase the car from there. And the difference in some types of cars may reach fifty 80 riyals in one car.


Best used car prices in the Gulf


We at Q Motor have made a comparison between car prices in four Gulf countries, namely Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait, and we found that the State of Qatar is characterized by the best prices for luxury used cars. It was also distinguished by the low number of miles (mileage) compared to other countries.


In comparison, the scarcity of luxury cars for sale in Kuwait, Kuwait has one of the highest prices for many cars.


You can benefit from this comparison when making the decision to buy a new car, as you can search for it in the entire Gulf region without being limited to the country of residence in the search.


Here we review the table that contains the comparison between the average prices of 10 cars that are frequently traded in the Gulf region.

أسعار السيارات في الخليج

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