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Why used cars in Qatar are treasures for GCC dealers?

By, 2022-01-02
سوق السيارات في قطر
  • High specification and feature options
  • Law mileage
  • Better Service History
  • Eazy accesss to the market through Mobile Applications.
  • Availability of accurate technical inspection
  • Reasonable Prices


Used car sales have recently rebounded in Qatar due to the high demand for cars by dealers and individuals from the GCC, Iraq, Sudan and Yemen.


Showroom owners told Q-Motor that the trend towards exporting to the GCC countries , Sudan and Yemen, in cooperation with export companies, and the modern applications of displaying cars boosted market sales.


They pointed out that some features enabled the buyer to inspect the car and ensure its condition through reports from insurance companies and technical inspection companies, so that the car could be delivered to the dealers door without the need to travel and come to Doha.


And in an interview with Mr. Anas Al-Haj, the founder of QMotor, he said that “exporting cars has contributed significantly to reducing the stagnation that the market is witnessing at the present time, as the most demanded cars for export are four-wheel drive cars with a diesel engine, followed by four-wheel drive cars of all kinds. Models 2019, 2020 and 2021.”


Al-Haj added that Japanese SUVs are the best-selling cars and are not affected much by the market situation because they are the best-selling cars in the GCC and the number one car for all citizens, as there is no home without one or two cars. And then comes the luxury cars and then the American pickups.


Reasons why dealers want to buy cars from Qatar:


Car Agencies in Qatar are keen to buy the best models of cars that have the best specifications, and that is why Qatar is distinguished from the rest of the GCC countries with unique specifications that are rarely available in the rest of the Gulf countries.


Another reason is the law mileage, which is caused by the small geographical area of ​​the State of Qatar, which makes daily trips shorter than in the UAE and KSA.


Maintenance preserves the value of the car


Cars in Qatar are characterized by the fact that the maintenance history is complete, the spare parts used are original, and this is what helps in getting a better price for the car, in addition to maintaining all maintenance bills.


Some countries use non-original spare parts or repair the car in a workshop outside the agency in an attempt to repair it at the lowest cost, which reduces the value of the car and may result in bigger problems.


سوق السيارات قطر


What distinguishes the car market in Qatar is that it is entirely available on the Internet through applications that allow the buyer to obtain complete information about the car and its condition.


Finally, the reasonable price, which allows the dealer to profit in reselling the car in his country, is the most important factor in the huge demand for used cars in Qatar.


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