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How do you maintain the elegance of leather seats?

By, 2021-02-20


Leather seats are the most beautiful thing inside the vehicle, as they give the car's interior a modern and luxurious character, adding a kind of distinction and glamor to the driver and the car owner.


Leather car seats are completely different from the leather couch in the living room as they are exposed to a variety of harmful conditions such as extreme heat, harsh UV rays from the Gulf sun and the use of the air conditioner in your car.


All these factors contribute to a significant reduction in the life of the skin by breaking down the naturally occurring oils in the skin that keep it looking and feeling smooth and providing its natural well-being.


Impressive indoor feel, comfort and a scent natural leather looks unmatched. Without the correct interior care - which is inevitable, leather seats can deteriorate and lose a lot of what you used to love about them. While this may sound like a lot of work, the steps are actually very simple, and when you do them regularly, preserving the leather becomes a simple process:


  • First, stay away from cigarettes inside cars, as these seats are extra sensitive to large scratches from any flame.
  • Make sure to clean it once a week, using the cleaning tools designated for it, or using municipal soap or moisturizers.
  • Use a soft cloth with moisturizing products to restore the shine to the brushes once a month.
  • Stay away from parking the car in places exposed to the sun that may make the leather dull and torn in a hideous way.
  • If the upholstery is dirty, follow the following steps: You must clean all the dirt and oils that have accumulated on the seats with a soft cloth and household powder diluted with water, and then buy a wax polish and spread it over all the dirty brushes with a gentle brush.


With these previous steps, it ensures the cleanliness of the upholstery and its preservation for as long as possible, which will make your car new and modern for many years.


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