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The Future Is Now With Segway-Ninebot’s New Transport Chair

By, 2020-01-06

Segway S-Pod


Q Motor - Segway is always surprising us! This time by a new chair on wheels that looks awfully similar to the transport used by 29th-century humans in the animated classic.


Segway-Ninebot’s chose the name S-Pod for its new toy, and described as the “first-class smart transporting pod.”


The new S-Pod is basically an egg-shaped chair on wheels that the company envisions will become the perfect way to get around closed campuses like airports, theme parks and much and many other applications.


But whereas the original Segway was steered via gestures like leaning forward or to the side, those riding in the S-Pod will control their movement with a little joystick located on the right side of the seat.


The S-Pod will be on display at the company’s booth at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. We dont have informaiton about the price yet, but it is expected that S-Pod will be avaialbe in the international markets by the third quarter of this year, and plans to start selling it next year.


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